18 solar window screen Austin Installation

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This is an Austin solar window screen instillation that we did where we installed 18 solar window screens on this home. We put the solar window screens on the front of the home. All of the windows of the front of the home. We put the solar window screens on all the windows on the left side of the home.

This customer had us build two of the solar screens using the 90 percent solar window screen fabric. The half circle over the front door, they had us use the 90 percent solar screen fabric and the arched window, that tall, arched window there over the front door they had us build that out of the 90 percent fabric.

All of the other windows are made using the 80 percent fabric. We did use the champagne frame for this instillation. The window frames were white but the customer wanted to use the champagne frame. If you look at the brick of this home, you’ll see that the champagne works well with that brick.

The pictures don’t really do the instillation, or I should say the look of the champagne frame that much justice.  Take a look at the Reviews we have posted here from some of our Solar Screen Customers.  However, the champagne frame did turn out to be a pretty good looking look. When you look at the pictures of this home, you will see that there is a discernable difference between that 90 percent fabric and that 80 percent fabric. However, I think it does work OK for this property.